Social Science 6th

Spain Today, a democratic country

Spain in the XXth Century

Studying Geography

Spain in the 19th Century.

Industrial Revolution

Human impact on the environment

Humanized landscapes of Spain and Europe

Landscapes of Spain and Europe

Europe in the World. Vocabulary


European Union

EU webpage


Can you tell me which is the relationship between...
One of these writers of the Generation 98 :

It has to do with a physical feature. Explain why.

Which is the relationship between the following song and the contemporary history in Spain?

 Clic to find out the answer.

Answer the following questions...

1) Why is the 2nd May holidays in the Comunidad de Madrid?
2) What is the Enlightenment? Who were its most famous thinkers?

1) Because...

And this?

And more....

More History!

Contemporary History of Spain


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