domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011

Spain's territories and more

Here you have a link for the Spanish organization and territories and a copy of our Constitution.
Here is a link to understand how where the last elections celebrated in Spain.

Comparatives and Superlatives

Click on these images to practice comparatives and superlatives with some exercises.

martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011


Click on the image if you dare to face with THE MACHINE.

More grammar

Click on the words to practice some more grammar about present simple and present continuous.

hangman game                Snakes & Ladders

                spelling Game          Flying the teacher

viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011

Vocabulary Unit 5. The Universe

Thanks to the teacher Yolanda. She's published the unit vocabulary in her wiki.
Clic on the word VOCABULARY to have it.

martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

Present Continuous

I've got some exercises to practice the grammar. Here we have the present continuous tense.

martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011

Build your own Solar System

In the following link you can build your own and personal Solar System. Clic on the image and enjoy.

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

And more present simple

Here are some more exercises to practice.

Present Simple

Click on the image to practice with some exercises.

miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

The different size of the planets

Learn about The Solar System

Here you can find out all the secrets of our Solar System.

domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011

Nine planets

Our Solar System

Match the planets  with its definition.
Then click on the image and do the quiz.


Put Annie back together.


Here you've got the vocabulary of unit 4.

domingo, 2 de octubre de 2011

More Earth's layers and the Rock cycle

Click on the images. You can learn more about the Earth's layers and an easy way of finding out how the rock cycle works.


domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2011

The Earth's layers

Here we can find lost of information about the Earth, its layers and the rocks we find in it.

Volcanoes and more volcanoes

lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

Vocabulary plants

Here you have the vocabulary for lesson 2.

domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

And some flowers...

Clic and try to label. Look for the information given. It`s quite interesting.

And more plants

Click on the photo and label.

...more plants...

Follow this other LINK to play some games related with plants.


Follow this LINK and have fun with plants.


domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011


On the following link you can practise at home the readings. They are self correcting, so it's quite easy to check.

The readings are classified in colours. Each colour has its own level.

Green: Lower intermediate
Yellow: Intermediate.
Pink: Upper intermediate

There are also some exercises from ENGLISHMAVEN at the bottom part, that are quite interesting and easy to do.

viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

And more past continuous

And somo other ones...

Past Continuous

Some Exercises to practice

domingo, 8 de mayo de 2011

Living things II

Let's learn how living things are organized.


We have to learn about the cells.

Living Things

Let's learn about living things.

domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

Spanish political and relief maps

Practice with the several activities about the Spanish map.

domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011


Watch this video and don't shake too much!

Terrifying Volcanoes!!!!!!!!

Are you ready for the volcanoes?????

Simple Past

Some excersises to practice... buf! how hard is the student's life.

domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

Water Cycle

Layers of the Atmosphere

Clic on the image. There you can see the different layers of our dear atmosphere.

jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Comparatives & Superlatives

Here we have a web page where we can find some exercises to use the comparatives and superlatives.

Enjoy it

More about density

Here we have some more interesting experiments...

domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

Atoms & Molecules

This video trys to show how atoms bond to make molecules.

Periodic table of elements

Windows to the universe

Here is an interesting web, where you can find very interesting information about Science.

Thanks to Windows to the Universe and all their publishers for all the things they have, because we all the teachers can use it in our classes.

States of Matter

Here we can see closely how the particles are in action in the three different kind of states.